Podcasting In The Classroom

Podcasting In The Classroom

Podcasting is being used in classrooms across the nation and proving to be an amazing investment for students and schools. Marriott has decided to throw in the towel after it was fined $600,000 for blocking personal WiFi hotspot. Interviews are always a stressful situation but what online resources are out there to help calm the nerves. And finally, Meerkat is making major headlines and Twitter has decided to step in.

Apps How And Why We Use Them

It’s all about applications on this episode of The Waves of Tech! Applications – how we use them, why we use them, and why we buy for them. We dive into our favorite latest and greatest apps across our multiple platforms. Ad-supported applications and in-app purchases are drawing plenty of debate across the industry so we take a stand on the practice.

Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling Defends His Daughter From Trolls

Apple made the big headlines this week with their announcement of the Apple Watch and release of iOS 8.2. The Apple Watch is trying to make a huge splash in wearables, while tailoring to the business professional and the athletic types. Also, Netflix’s stock prices were affected by the news of Apple’s agreement with HBO Now. Their stock dropped 3% overnight. Finally, Curt Schilling made Twitter news with his defense taking to the defense of his daughter.

FCC Net Neutrality

FCC To Pursue Internet Service Provider Regulation

Internet activists cheered the 3-2 decision by the FCC to pursue regulated Internet Service Providers as a telecommunications company. The battle is just beginning in the telecommunications war. Another big headline is the continued growth of the Silicon Valley, a major headquarters hub for tech giants. Residents are shining a light on the downsides of continued growth in this areas. Also, we sadly report on the death of a young girl resulting after a spat on Facebook and the death of an 18-year old after a friend encouraged suicide via text messaging.

Battle For The Net

Battle For The Net And Downed Drones

We start with discussing technological advancements in the sport of golf. Next, we venture down the path of the impact an Android-based podcast app may have in the podcasting industry. Amazon is in the news again. This time, the FAA may have hampered the future of drone delivery in the US with the recent set of draft rules. Finishing up the show, the media giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable were slapped with a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit.

Radio Shack

Impacts of Radio Shack Bankruptcy

On Episode 252 of The Waves of Tech, we talk about the endless possibilities associated with the recent news of the Radio Shack bankruptcy and store closures. Amazon, Sprint, and Google are rumored to be taking over the brick-and-mortars. We focus on a move the Postal Service is making in some regions of the nation in reaction to changes in communication methods. As we enter 2015, the FCC is posed to make a ruling on net neutrality. Their ruling will shape the future of Internet usage. Enjoy the show and continue to ride…the waves of tech!