facebook At Work

Facebook At Work And Amber Alerts

This week on the Waves of Tech 249, Facebook and AT&T are on the agenda! Facebook made some tech headlines the past few weeks as they begin to introduce “Facebook at Work” and will begin integrating Amber Alerts into users’ News Feeds. In addition, the teen population weigh in on their thoughts on Facebook and the other Top 10 social sites. In the second half of the podcast, we debate the move from AT&T to introduce Rollover Data and discuss the growing demand for high-tech integration into sporting venues. Enjoy the show and continue to ride, the waves of tech!

CES Live

CES 2015 Preview And The iTunes Decline

It’s all about the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With big announcements in consumer technology, specifically related to TVs and cable viewing options, there is plenty to discuss. Health and biotech are again big ticket topics. Finishing the show, we dissect the reasons behind the iTunes decline over the past few years and explain the move Microsoft is making in emerging markets.

Year In Tech 2014

Recap Top Technology Stories Of 2014

This week on The Waves of Tech 247, we recap of the top technology stories of 2014. It was another giant year for technology. Many stories made the top news stories of the main media outlets and garnished many newspaper headlines. We cover topics such as the World Cup, Microsoft’s new CEO, Amazon, and wearable technologies. We even drop in conversation about security, hijacked information, drones, car recalls, and International Podcast Day. Thanks for another great year and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Tech Companies

Big Tech Companies Are Making Headlines

All the big tech companies are making headlines and we are here to share the news. On the agenda for discussion are Facebook, Ford, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Skype, and Waze. Microsoft is losing a bit of market share with a change in direction from Ford and Facebook. Skype is introducing a new feature, a voice translation service that is unlike any other service out there. Well, enjoy the podcast and we hope you continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Sony Attack

Hackers Hit Sony And Rebuilding Trust With Tech Companies

This week on the Waves of Tech 245, hackers hit the Sony PlayStation Network just days after the Sony corporate network was hacked and caused a number of issues. The recent hack leads us into a conversation about gaining and losing trust with tech companies. To finish to show, we discuss texting turning 22 years old and the Orion Launch. Enjoy the episode and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Amazon Echo Demo

Amazon Echo Demo and Technology Ergonomics

We have some great topics on this week’s installment of The Waves of Tech! A few weeks ago we brought you information about Amazon’s Echo. On the show, we conduct a live demonstration for you all! We also dive into the new technologies incorporating into the live music experience. We celebrate and discuss the 60th birthday of the B-52, a priceless gem of the United States armed services. Ending the show, we stand up for technology and tell you why tech isn’t the only element to blame in the ergonomic battle. Enjoy the ride and continue to ride…the waves of tech.