Sony Attack

Hackers Hit Sony And Rebuilding Trust With Tech Companies

This week on the Waves of Tech 245, hackers hit the Sony PlayStation Network just days after the Sony corporate network was hacked and caused a number of issues. The recent hack leads us into a conversation about gaining and losing trust with tech companies. To finish to show, we discuss texting turning 22 years old and the Orion Launch. Enjoy the episode and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Amazon Echo Demo

Amazon Echo Demo and Technology Ergonomics

We have some great topics on this week’s installment of The Waves of Tech! A few weeks ago we brought you information about Amazon’s Echo. On the show, we conduct a live demonstration for you all! We also dive into the new technologies incorporating into the live music experience. We celebrate and discuss the 60th birthday of the B-52, a priceless gem of the United States armed services. Ending the show, we stand up for technology and tell you why tech isn’t the only element to blame in the ergonomic battle. Enjoy the ride and continue to ride…the waves of tech.

Fitbit Data In Court And Wine Drones

We mix in some unusual tech topics for the show.  With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s very important to be cautious about scams and we cover some of the basic.  In an interesting new move, wine country is beginning to use drones as a source of information and for application of nutrients. To finish the show, wearable technologies and the data they collect have now crept into the courtroom and we discuss the court ruling regarding Google’s ability to arrange search results.


Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Tragedy

First, It is with great sorrow that we talk about the loss of Mike Alsbury, the pilot of SpaceShipTwo. Mike’s life was cut too short but provided a lifetime of achievement in his short time with us. Next, the invention of Operation is in need of some help for…an operation! We conclude the show with details about the growth of Windows 8.1 and the release of the Roku TV.