Kill Switch Legislation

we discuss the kill switch legislation that has been introduced in California as they strive to curb the crime of smartphone theft. Next, we toss around the idea of AT&T becoming the second largest cable providing by buying DirecTV. We finish the show by talking about the new art of app surfing and Mozilla struggling with pleasing their users.

Improve Customer Service With Simple Technology

We start by discussing a very simple technological steps smaller companies are taking to reduce wait times and improve customer service. Texting while driving is always a hot topic so find out what move Apple is making. The ISS gets a nice Easter delivery and Bill Gates talks about philanthropy. Finally, we discuss the Supreme Court case involving broadcast networks and the startup, Aereo.

Google Glass Public Offering

Google Glass and Google Ventures are the topic of interest for many and so we talk about it!!  In addition, Amazon has an interesting way of weeding out the employees that don’t want to work at the tech giant.  Heartbleed is causing plenty of trouble for those in the IT field and Facebook decides to mix up things a bit on their mobile application.