New Exercise Apps and Google Chromecast

The Waves of Tech is part of the family and we are proud to present Episode 189! In the never ending search to find tech topics that relate to your everyday life, we found a couple more for tonight. We found some fun and intriguing apps that will keep you motivated in your workout routines. Also, we discuss the importance of Google Chromecast in the industry and what that means for you and your tech world.

Smart Phones

The Smartphone Showdown

This week we are joined with two of our favorite people – Rick Limpert and John Hanlon. We can’t quite remember the last time we had a panel of hosts to discuss a topic! In this episode, John provides a solid review of the goods and bads of the Samsung Galaxy S4. That review dovetails into a smartphone showdown where the hosts speak their minds about the superiority of Apple, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry.