Mountain View’s Google Tax, Dell Going Public Again, AT&T Rates Increasing And Xfinity Throttling Data

We are heating up the mic with some strong takes and stern words for some choice companies. We start off calm with a discussion on the growing problem of major Silicon Valley tech companies impacting their hometown with transportation and housing issues. Mountain View is considering a tax on Google to pay for improvements. Next, the once popular PC maker Dell has announced plans to go public again after a five year hiatus from public trading. Now we get heated… AT&T announced several rate increases immediately after their $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable, and Comcast announced plans to throttle data and hotspot functionality for Xfinity Mobile users. We obviously have strong opinions on both these matters.

IGTV, Facebook Marketplace, AT&T Privacy Update And AppNexus

Instagram surprised everyone this week with the release of IGTV – a stand alone long-form video application for content creators and consumers. The Facebook Marketplace is a feature of the social media giant that is often under reported on but has some great benefits for buyers and sellers of goods. Following their acquisition of Time Warner, AT&T released a privacy policy update. The FAQ page is one of the most comprehensive pages out there. And finally, AppNexus has been bought by AT&T as the telecom giant pushes into digital advertising to compete with the likes of Facebook and Verizon.

AT&T Time Warner Merger, 21st Century Fox, and General Motors Transformed

A United States federal judge approved the merger of AT&T and Time Warner Cable. In effect, AT&T owns distribution, content, and media rights to nearly 100 companies across the world.  Moreover, Comcast and Disney are battling for the acquisition of a 21st Century Fox stake to add additional content and rights to the asset class. This all may spell trouble for consumers as net neutrality regulations are set to expire thanks to the Federal Communication Commission.  Next, the CIO of General Motors has transformed the Information Technology branch of the company in just under five years by insourcing over 10,000 jobs and focusing on innovation, research, and development. Lastly, we share a personal story of how one single app is changing the life of addiction.

Summit Supercomputer, The Gig Economy, And Astra Labs Apps Are Saving Lives

The United States is now owner to the most powerful supercomputer in the world – Summit. The computer has the ability to compute 20 quadrillion calculations in just one second and is optimized for artificial intelligence specific applications. The gig economy is changing the way people lives their lives, travel, and earn an income. A couple is using Rover and Taskrabbit to earn a living while traveling around the in their RV. In 2015, a young teen struggling with depression and attempted suicides created an app to serve as a resource for others battling the same. Three years later, Amanda Southworth is changing the app space with her purposefully built apps. Finally, the VPNFilter malware infection has moved across international borders and has infected 500,000 devices.

L’Oreal Buys Augmented Reality Company, Chrome’s HTTPS Default Setting, and New iPhone Features

We dive into what the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are and how it is affecting companies, benefiting consumers, and changing the definition of personal data. L’Oreal, the French health and beauty giant, is adapting their digital strategy to include augmented reality to allow their customers the ability to virtually try-on makeup and hair products. The United States’ Senate passed a resolution to reinstate the Open Internet Order, with little hope of it moving forward. Google has made the decision to transition Chrome to the default HTTPS setting in September and October. Finally, iOS 12 was announced and new features such as Siri Shortcuts, Measure, Screentime, and Group FaceTime are here.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Educators, Senate Forces Net Neutrality Vote, and Square Acquisitions

Adobe is offering the suite of Creative Cloud to educators for an absurd discount – $5 per student per year. Students will have access to Lightroom, Audition, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and more. In net neutrality news, the United States Senate has forced a vote on the floor to reinstate the 2015 Open Internet Order. The ongoing battle over net neutrality between the FCC, the federal government, states, general public, and the tech industry is quickly coming to a boil. Square, the popular payment services company, recently acquired Weebly. The companies form a solid partnership providing a comprehensive solution for business owners and individuals growing their brand, business, and income.