The Hottest Trends From 1997 And Predictions For 2018

We are diving head first into the New Year with a look back at technology of the past that shaped today’s world and a look forward with some predictions as to what is to come. The year 1997 proved to be very innovative for the technology industry. We experienced Windows 95 Upgrade (startup and access), the Palm Pilot (synchronized data), Netscape (web browser battles), Real Player (music streaming), and much more. Moving into 2018, we throw out predictions related to data hacking, net neutrality pricing, Bitcoin acceptance, recreational drone use regulation, virtual reality, and 5G experimentation.

2017 California STEAM Symposium. Part 2

We are featuring conversations with exhibitors from the floor of the 2017 California STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Symposium. With these conversations you will learn about the wide range of products and services in the educational technology industry currently that are shaping the classroom. We connected with companies working directly with the International Space Station, the National Science Foundation, and higher educational institutions. It’s evident the wide range of exhibitors and services out there that the classroom is changing that includes student coding, 3D modelling, interactive touchscreens, mathematics gamification, and reimagined web-based science lessons.

2017 California STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Symposium. Part 1

On this special edition of The Waves of Tech, we are featuring conversations with organizers and attendees from the 2017 California STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Symposium. With these conversations you will learn a lot about the symposium from a variety of perspectives, such as the importance of collaborating in the educational tech space and the power of professional development. We cover a variety of relevant topics in education – preparing the future workforce, shaping lessons around existing real world problems, the power of creativity and imagination, problem solving, the changing landscape of science and accountability standards, and focusing on partnerships to advance education for students.

Amazon And Google Fighting And Viral Netflix Tweet

Over the weekend, Dave attended the STEAM Symposium with microphone and recorder in hand. Hear about the event and what’s coming the next two episodes. The net neutrality vote is this week and we are all bracing for what the future holds as it is expected that the FCC will rollback regulations governing the access to information and control data via the web. In a juggernaut battle, Amazon and Google are fighting which is hurting the consumers that use both their products and services. We cover details on what products and services are being blocked. In what should not be shocking news but many are seeing it as that, Netflix is collecting, analyzing, and using our viewing habits information. We explain why people momentarily freaked out about the news.

Blue Apron’s Ups & Downs, Hybrid Devices Soar and Holiday Gadget Gift Ideas

Blue Apron is continue to struggle with costs and profits since their technology IPO filing. The meal kit provider is losing customers but existing customers are spending more on average. The shift from traditional PC to hybrid devices continue. As industries shift focus, so does the market for laptops, detachable Windows-based devices, and Android tablets. With the holidays upon us, we share some fresh ideas for the tech or non-tech lover in the family. Gifts range from set-top boxes, VR headsets, smart speakers, and video doorbell devices. Lastly, texting turned 25 years old this week. A two-word text sent in 1992 has revolutionized the means in which billions of us communicate.

Net Neutrality Updates And Holiday Tech Help

We are diving into some relevant stories hitting the tech headlines this week. In the biggest news this week, the FCC filed draft papers to essentially kill off existing net neutrality regulations. We provide a very in-depth look into what net neutrality is, what this means for users and business owners, and how our bottom lines may be affected. We share the story of a recreational drone pilot arrested for flying a drone over NFL stadiums in an attempt to drop politically charged leaflets. The Dish and CBS negotiations limited viewership over the Thanksgiving holiday for many customers and share a different side of the negotiation table that many have not. And finally, we shares some ideas on how you can be a technological resource this holiday season when around family and friends.